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Today mummy and daddy brought Lucas to Granny’s house. Granny noticed that Lucas was breathing very hard and seems to be having a flu… so Mummy and Daddy brought Lucas to a paediatrician in Tampines St 81 Blk 828.

While registering, Lucas’ weight was taken. The aunty taking measurement was astonished to know that Lucas, at 2month’s old is already tipping the scales at 7.5 kg.  She gushed out : ” Usually babies only weigh this much when they are 6 months old!! ”  Daddy and Mummy were not in the least bit surprised because  Lucas weighed 3.88kg at birth.

There were lots of other babies over there and so poor Mummy and Daddy had to wait for one hour plus before we finally get to see Doctor Ho. When we finally did meet the doctor, she gave Lucas a thorough examination and found that there were lots of mucus stuck in Lucas’ nose.  Doctor Ho prescribed some saline solution for Lucas to help get rid of the mucus. Doctor Ho also advised that if Lucas is to sleep inside an air-con room , then a humidifier or a cup of water must be placed in the room to provide moisture.

After collecting the medicine, the clinic assistants showed Mummy and Daddy how to apply the saline and suck out the mucus. Mummy had to help hold down Lucas but this was useless because
Lucas  begin struggling the minute the saline was dropped into his nose. When the clinic assistant start to insert the sucker into Lucas’ nostril, he began to scream at the top of his voice !!!  Mummy and Daddy have never heard Lucas scream so loud before. When the sucker was pulled out, it reveaed thick and dark green mucus. Mummy and Daddy know that they had to do this for Lucas’ good. After this visit to the doctors, Mummy and Daddy knew what to do the next time Lucas’ nostril is stuck again.


This post marks the beginning of Stuart and Doris’ blog.  Sorry there’s no champagne or any free buffet food for all readers, but what we – most of the time it is Stuart writing –  can guarantee to you on this blog is unparalled coverage and freshest news footage coupled with photos of all the happenings in Stuart’s, Doris’ and Lucas’ lives.

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